Friday 2 November 2012

Brighton Stancing (in the windy cold)

So a buddy of mine known to most people as 'Fyse' organised a 'stance related' meet along the famous Madeira Drive in Brighton. Basically a chilled out gathering of like minded peeps who like to talk wheels, camber, fitment, scraping and all that other chatter that is to be heard at such a meet.

We had a location but unfortunately the weather was a bit crap. (No surprise as it is October) This and the fact the original meet date was changed meant that only a few braved the crisp autumn seaside weather.

My good mate Toby's Mk1 G60 Golf.  Only owned it for a few months the biggest modification so far has been the 15" WKD Mesh staggered split rim wheels. They are but they look business as you can see.

Cold Toby? 

My Delsol...more to come during the winter. (If can be bothered)

Slammed EG civic more door.

Ahh good old zip ties!

DanDan in his hat. 

Apparently this is a Harry Potter hat...Never seen or read any of films/books so I wouldn't know!

Oooh what this..A slammed Rover Metro? 
Owned by a nice chap called Chris he came all the way from Andover to stand around in the cold with us. Soon as it rolled down the strip I had a smile on my face. 

Loving the 'Tache! 
 (remember it's Movember lads)

Anyone one thinking some cheeky banded steels would look sweet on it?? 

  Fyse's  Honda S2000 now  minus the dirty wide Work Equips.  But with new wheel ideas (See further down)

  Deciding not to bring one of the few old school Civics (He's a hoarder!) Pas rolled down in his Integra Si. One day in the near future I'll be featuring one of 3Gs. Watch this space...

After a while we got bored of that car park location and moved on further down to a convenient graffiti wall which made for a nice background for more pictures.

Trying out the S2K for size...

Fyse's new wheelage but will he fit them....

Look good to me.

Toby with door locking woes yet again

As it was just getting colder we decided to head to the Marina complex for some munch at McDonalds. I was a bit hungry so the 20 nuggets and fries went down a treat. Whilst I was enjoying the pieces of pure 100% chicken  my Harry Potter hat wearing friend introduced me to a strange creation...

Can you tell what it is yet?  No?

Well it's an Asda jam doughnut (sliced in half) with a burger patty complete with melted cheese and onion. 
Dafaq??! Apparently it's awesome. I declined the offer to taste it.

Anyways it was getting dark and we headed back to the wall as some people turned up quite late in the day. I just managed to grab a few pics of the late comers before we got into uber long exposure territory.

Nice Escort

 Audi S-Line A4 on BBS LMs. Very smart.

Then at this point it was really quite dark and a lot colder so we decided to head off home for some roast dinner. A good day had by all.



Thursday 18 October 2012

Classic Car Sunday

Hastings classic car show 2012 on October 7th.


All Saints street

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