Friday 18 August 2017

Mimms Honda day - Summer Edition 23rd July 2017 - Rockingham

On July 23rd it was the summer edition of the Honda Mimms day at Rockingham Motor Circuit. It's come a long way from the car park meets of the past (check out my retrospective HERE) and is now a fusion of a chilled out car meet and trackday which is ideal for the Honda car scene.  Great facilities, central location, good vantage points for watching some track action and half decent food!
I said 'Summer' Edition but the day started a little bit wet.  

We were greeted with this on the road approaching the entrance...  

The rain did appear on and off in the morning but by mid-afternoon we had lovely sunshine that was perfect for some track action :)

Stunning Supercharged Civic EP3 Type R

Funny looking Honda

needs lows

Funky SMX

This EG was a favourite of mine

Sam Flack's insane wide arch S2000 (on the cover of the latest Fast Car Magazine)

Excuse the strange bearded man

Hard parked

Hard driven

Loved this rare second gen Civic

There's a cheeky small turbo in there somewhere


Still love the shape of the Mazda RX7 FD

Pas and Poo mobile made it to the track this time!

Just caught the end of the driver's briefing

The food was actually pretty decent at Mimms (Brioche buns and good beef patties)

Well done to Dav for another great event

The amount of fun I had that day :)

I had such a good day that now I even want to build a cheap track car! Not on the cards for a long while yet though. I'm happy enough modifying my *cough* Diesel Accord for now.

Shamefully it was my first Mimms event at Rockingham and after previous locations at North Weald & Bluewater I definitely feel this the right place for it. Hondas are meant to be driven hard and as well "parking hard". 

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