Tuesday 18 May 2021

Restore, don't replace - Headlights and split wheels

Before the last winter I had been pretty unhappy with the headlights on my trusty Honda Accord Tourer. Faded, heavily scratched they just let down the front end of the car and did consider getting a new set but after some research I saw that maybe they could be saved...Restore, don't replace.

Enter Peter Fyson better know to all as just "Fyse". 

We've been mates for ten years now and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do the magazine feature shoots for three of his project cars over the years.

JDM Honda Integra Type-R for Fast Car Magazine

UK Honda Integra Type-R for Banzai Magazine

Datsun Laurel for Banzai Magazine

His bread and butter trade is refurbishing, re-building and saving old split alloy wheels some his humble workshop. But also he can roll arches for wider wheels and also restore Headlights. Oh great...He convinced me to come down to his place and have a look at them.

While he worked i took some snaps of his workshop. Small but just enough for what he needs to do.

My near side headlight was the worst one with lots of deep scratches. In the end it had to be wet sanded, I didn't think it could be saved but...



So for any if you need your headlights polished or you have some Split rim wheels in need of attention get in contact with Fyse on Instagram or Facebook.



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