Thursday 11 May 2017

Japfest UK - Silverstone, England - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Japfest coverage.  In this part I will be looking at some cars from some of the club stands that caught my eye.  Also the trade area and drift paddock.

Being such a huge show and the fact I was a bit late arriving to the show I know I definitely missed some cool cars that left early as it got a bit grey and cloudy (the rain never came though) so if you wondering why some cars might not be in here, that's the reason!

Anyway, on with the pictures

Another original Civic Type-R.  This pics looks like it could have been taken in Tsukuba car park.

Fan of this Kanjo/track ready Honda EF Civic

This is no ordinary Honda CRX Delsol.  This one has a frankenstein H22 engine and custom wide arches.  I shot the feature for this in Japanese Performance Magazine and was nice to see it again.

The underrated K24 engined Honda Accord Type-S

Moving on from Honda to some Nissans, these S15s were my favourites

Feeling this a lot 

"That orange rocket bunny"

Mmm minty

"Pocket Rocket"

You can't have Japanese car show without a few Nissan Skyline GTRs...

Takes me back the PS1 Gran Turismo days...

Not seen many green ones

Skylines on TE37 Rays. You can't go wrong.

Again TE37s 

As part of the Japfest event there was the Drift Kings competition running at various points of the day.  As I was needed to get through snapping content from the huge show I didn't really get a nice to find an nice spot and actually take any drift action shots which is a shame. This is all I have from behind the catch fence and the car is going in a straight line -_-

I will definitely try to make an proper effort to get some action shots at a future event

What I lacked in Drift action shots I made up for static shots of drift cars!   It was nice to be able to get right in and have a look at the cars in the pits after a session.

Blitz styled Skyline saloon as made famous by Ken Nomura back in the day

How did this sneak in!

and this in the paddock car park! (Well Milltek actually sponsored the Drift event so it's ok I guess :p)

This a Toyota Alphard I believe

This classic  Subaru Impreza Wagon caught my eye with its chunky tyres and arch extensions. 

Now a selection of cars on show in the trade area...

Big fan of Gary Sung's B20 EF Civic

Rocket Bunny kitted Silvia convertible? I can dig it

My mum has the same Yaris...I wish it looked as slick as this!

Unusually coloured NSX 

Claire Miskelly's Honda S2000 has been on the scene a long time. Still looking fresh.

This Honda S2000 came over from Belgium to be on stand.

2017 actually marks the 25th anniversary of the Honda Type-R. So Torque GT had a few special red badges on display.

The NSX-R.  The ultimate Type-R maybe? Most people will know that this was a car that had development by the legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna.

Bringing it forward to the present day they had the Japan only FD2 Mugen RR Civic.

Rocket Bunny GT86 on the Slammed UK stand, me likey.

Another Ford that sneaked in... Team Auto Finesse

You don't see to many convertible Nissan Silvias

This was probably the wildest "show car" I saw on the day.  All the NFS stage 3 mods!

That spoiler.

Now finishing off with some of the other cars I spotted while checking out the club stands.

More wing, more fun.

@fyse_splitrimz 's Datsun Laurel c130

Lowered CRV on OZ Futuras  /  \  

Another Mugen RR

It's Suzuki/Mazda creation The Autozam AZ-1

I've have one of this in all black and carbon fibre 

Sileighty (A Nissan 180SX with a Silvia front)

I lost 4 pounds walking around this place!

Clocked a cool looking S14 on small wheels as I was heading to my car. Dig it

If you got this far. Thanks a lot for viewing :)

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