Sunday, 7 May 2017

Japfest UK - Silverstone, England - Part 1

On 30th of April I headed to the Silverstone motor racing circuit (The home of the British GP of course) for the Japfest show. Originally held at Castlecombe circuit in the past this was the first time I had been to the Silverstone and i was surprised how big it was. Lots of variety of Japanese metal on the display plus tracktime and a live drift competition.

Anyway on with a selection of pictures from the day...

The classic original Civic Type-R,  the import only EK9

Work in progress mk2 MX5 with some JDM style touches

 Nissan Silvia looking good

Ambassador, your Nissan Fuga is ready

R33 Skyline get a bit of stick but a GTR is still a GTR

You would still move over if you saw that view in your rear mirror

Not something you see everyday.  A Nissan S13 with a Datsun 280Z front

with some rare Nismo wheels

Next we have few awesome cars from the Studio 448 stand of various marques. I'll be honest I did miss out a few cars as the stand was pretty busy and I couldn't a clean shot. I did come back later on and most had already gone home :( 

24K carat magic, Ben Parker's Honda NSX

Paparazzi shot


Somehow I think this Honda Civic isn't on static suspension

Loved this Honda Accord (I drive a black one myself) This is goals for me

Pokey wheeled is pokey S2000. 

Works VS-XX 

Again a non-static Civic

This Nissan 350Z wears it's Cosmis wheels well

Got a soft spot for Honda Delsols as I owned one for 7 years. Mine was low but not this low!

BYS front on this EK Civic

Another dropped EP3 Civic Type-R

Another cool 7th gen Honda Accord. This time a tourer (or estate) on Work VS-XX wheels

Old schoooooool Nissan Bluebird looking fresh

Quite rare to find clean EG Honda Civics these days

Now for a few of super clean Honda Integra DC5 Type-Rs....

Owner: Lauren Penfold

Owner: Ben Mully

Owner: Nathan Wicks

Owner: Freya Filippa

Honda Mugen Civic Type-R. Keyword being 'Mugen'

Finally this mental wide bodied pink Nissan 350Z, subtle it is not. 

Owner: Jamie Barry - instagram @JB_350

Baby got back! 

A few some the Fast Car Magazine paddock

Benny Rees's stunning Toyota Celica

Look out for this wide arch Evo in a future Fast Car Magazine soon

Not often you see a flip painted car at a show these days

Work Equips up front....
SSR SP1 Professor at the rear

So clean. Wish I got more of this Supra. Had people around it all day

Younger and older Siblings.

Supra "F Bomb". I think i will call it Black Beauty

Evo 7 with a few choice exterior mods

Amy Slade's Nissan 350Z

Wild Lexus IS200

Cool JDM van 

Tidy Toyota Soarer

Another stunning Supra. This one has been painted in Renault Liquid Yellow by the legendary Xquisite automotive. Owner: Michael Lavery

Buy more magazines!

Check out part 2 of coverage which I will focus on the cars that caught my eye from the club stands, trade area and drift paddock. Some time this week....


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