Monday 10 June 2013

Making an Impact...6TWO1

So in a landmark event for the Honda community the 6TWO1 organisation run by Honda scene veteran Adam Ivell decided the UK needed it's own Honda show and he called it the Impact show.

Despite the grey, windy, cold weather a number of quality cars came along.  Unfortunately due to the weather the awards were moved sooner in the afternoon. As I turned up a bit late to proceedings and did miss a number of cars so I pictures are not a true representation of the turn out.

These the cars that made the biggest Impact (*cough*) on me...

I liked the look of this EK Civic with it's wide Rota Grid Vs and rare BYS (Backyard Special) bumper giving it an aggressive front end.

Looks good from the rear too.

I was lucky enough to get some pics of Benny Rees' EG Civic weapon. With the canards, front splitter and window nets, This car means business!  More evidence of the racing intention can be seen with the genuine Desmond Regamaster Evo alloy wheels (one of the lightest wheels available at under 5kg per alloy in 15") wrapped in chunky Bridgestone track rubber.

Endless Horizon was there with a stand with co-owner Davinder's Jordan Turbo on show along side Sunny Bisla's slick Mitsubishi Evo FQ-320 sitting pretty on concave Enkei wheels.

Some of the H.I.S (Hondas in South) collective were there. Rob's super clean Honda Civic EM1 Coupe and Chris Burgess' mint EF Civic sedan.

The low offset, wider Slipstreams look great.

Sitting pretty on it's Custom Image Wheels

Reppin'.  Loving the tennis rack and hat.

I was down with the Gentlemen at Work collective with Toby's Mk1 G60 Golf and Paz Autos' 3G Civic and my own Honda Delsol SiR

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and look forward to the bigger and better 2014 event!

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