Saturday 22 April 2017

The Honda 'Mimms' meet - A retrospective

Back in 2009 the Honda 'Mimms' meet (named after the M25 motorway service station here in the UK) was a still pretty small and chilled with less than 50 cars. It's now one of the biggest Honda based events in Europe and the biggest in the UK.

Let's take a look back at some photos...

Excuse the awful border and massive watermark on these ones below (it was 2009!)

Although each year the meets continued to grow bigger and bigger, the original relaxed atmosphere always stuck around.

Benny Rees' 'Del Slo'

Fast Car Glenn's EG build

EG fronted Delsol 


@Pazautos needs to bring this out again

Blazin' Squad

The various convoys from all round the country to Mimms were good fun

I double dare ya!


sionally you would get a few Hondas that made the trip across the channel

Stunning CRX

Rare Accord Euro-R

The even rarer NSX-R

Simon Fryer's LIOOOW EG

Jon Alder's clean EG Civic

No beard Fyse

Then on to 2013 and the Mimms meets as they were had to end as they were getting way too big for the services. They had to open up the lorry car park to allow for the over flow of cars.  This was also the final free for all meet before it became an actual show.

The queues started outside the services for the last one

My Delsol. Still miss it  

South Mimms services has now been re-vamped with more shops with updated parking areas so even if was to come back it wouldn't be the same.

Check out these videos by Vince Knight aka Aatomotion of some of the meets.

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